Geotagged photograph of the sandwich counter having multiple triangular shaped sandwich variants on display. Also seen in the background is a toaster and a menu list with pricing.
At the Sandwich counter, fresh sandwiches are prepared which can either be grilled or chosen to be eaten raw. There are a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches sold. The sandwiches are prepared by Mr. Jitender Kumar. The sandwich counter faces the main canteen sitting area - the woods.


Veg Sandwich ₹ 30

Veg Toast Sandwich ₹ 40

Veg Cheese Sandwich 60

Veg Cheese Toast Sandwich ₹ 60

Paneer Schezwan Toast ₹ 50

Corn Cheese Toast 50

Veg Grill Sandwich 60

Veg Cheese Grill Sandwich 80

Paneer Garlic Toast ₹ 50

Paneer Schezwan Toast ₹ 50

Cheese Capsicum Toast ₹ 50

Corn Garlic Toast ₹ 50

Cheese Sandwich 30

Sada Sandwich 30

Bread Butter Jam 30

Nuttela Toast Sandwich 60

Cheese Chilli Toast 50

Mayo Corn Capsicum Toast 50

Veg Paneer Schezwan Toast 60

Cheese Garlic Toast 40

Masala Toast Sandwich 50

Onion Capsicum Cheese Toast 50

Veg Paneer Cheese Grill ₹ 100

Non- Veg

Chicken Toast Sandwich 50

Chicken Garlic Toast 50

Chicken Cheese Toast 70

Chicken Mayo Toast 60

Chicken Schezwan Toast 60

Chicken Junglee Toast 50

Omlet Sandwich 30

Boil Egg Sandwich 30

Chicken Cheese Garlic ₹ 60

Chicken Grill Sandwich ₹ 70